Friday, August 10, 2012

The Breakfast Club

Having one of those nights where you feel like breakfast for dinner? Well, here is a simple little recipe that my family enjoys.

Ingredients to prep
(approx. measurements add as much or little as you wish)
1 Cup mixed Peppers
¼ Cup Onion (red or yellow)
4 Cups Hash browns
½ Cup Cheddar cheese & Mozzarella cheese
3-4 slices Bacon (I used Costco ready made)
4-5 eggs
2 tbsp. milk

The first thing I did was brown the hash browns in a frying pan with a bit of oil (vegetable oil is great for higher heat). Once the hash browns are browned turn down the heat to low.

 In another pan add the peppers and onion, cook until tender.(if you want you can just add the vegetables into the same pan as the hash browns but I like my hash browns crunchy) 

While peppers were cooking I microwaved the bacon. When the peppers and onion are ready add them into the pan with the hash browns.

In a cup crack your eggs, add milk and sprinkle in some pepper then whisk. Turn heat back up on the pan with the hash browns then add in your egg mixture.

Stir ingredients like scrambled egg, so all of the egg gets cooked with out turning into an omelet.  

Once the egg is cooked add the cheese. (Cover with a lid if you have one that fits to help cheese melt) 

When the cheese is almost done melting stir in the already cooked bacon. Plate! Eat! Enjoy!

This breakfast can easily be adjusted to your own taste. Add or subtract whatever kind of ingredients you like for breakfast. If you like sausage add sausage. If you like spicy add hot sauce into your eggs or add your favorite seasonings into your hash browns.  

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  1. Looks good. I'll have to try this. I'm pinning it for further reference.